Anglican Orthodox 

The Southern Episcopal Church

Diocese of the South

The Right Reverend Huron C. Manning Jr.

Presiding  Bishop

The Southern Episcopal Church 
Missionary District 
Ohio and Indiana
The Right Reverend C. George Fry 
The Right Reverend George D. Nailor
Oklahoma, North Texas, Western Arkansas
(Diocese of The South)
The Rt. Rev. James E. Barton
Suffragan Bishop
Missionary District of the Mid-West
The Right Reverend Robert William Hotes
824 South Park Avenue
Springfield IL 62704-2334
(217) 726-6220
The Missionary Diocese of Kentucky
The Right Reverend Matthew M. Seifert
(859) 331-1321
Missionary District of the West
The Right Reverend Simmy Mathews
515 Woodhurst Drive
Coppell TX 75019-5770
(972) 393-9380