We are traditional Episcopalians, seeking only to be what the Church was called to be. We continueAll Saints Church the faith and practice of the Episcopal Church that was established in this country when the country was first founded. We are not seeking to change the apostles' doctrine and we don't want to be a part of the new-age movement which puts men and self before our commitment to love God and our fellow man. We believe the Holy Bible to be the full inspired truth of God for all men for all times.
history.pngIn 1962, a group of Episcopalians saw plans for changes in the Church that were not acceptable to good churchmen of the faith. They saw the liberal, new world order of worldliness beginning to creep into the Church. Also, they realized that many of the bishops were not willing to take a stand for Jesus Christ, but rather were willing to let what ever happened, happen. They decided to take a stand for that faith of our fathers.  So the Southern Episcopal Church was formed.  
Today we are still standing firm for the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ and His Church. We still believea4990fb7a233241d8e3dab44b655ae43.gif that the Holy Scripture is the Word of God, inerrant and infallible, given for all men for all times that they might receive the salvation, for which God sent his Son. We still believe in the male only ordained clergy in the Church, and that each Christian has a special ministry that God has for them whether male or female. We are all called to minister. If we would seek to use the gifts that God has given us and not covet that which is not ours we would find that God will bless us.
9954142dd91dd40ddf3fa7a7175972a9.jpgWe still believe in the importance of the Sacraments in a churchman's life that God has given through His Church to help us walk day by day in His will. Two were ordained by Christ, that is baptism and the Holy Communion, and five commonly called sacraments that were ordained by His apostles whom he appointed to organize and build His Church. These Sacraments are the things that bind us to Him and to each other.